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Fly T-Rex Rider Epic Fly T-Rex Rider Epic

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Here the good things:

- The music is good and fit with the game theme.

- The sounds effect are good.

- The graphic are pretty well done. 9 the background is pretty nice !)

So what making my vote low ?

- The raptor layering its look like you are riding a raptor who are riding a t-rex XD and he walk in air

- The item cost vs the money per try maybe adding collective coins to increase to money outcome or lower few upgrade cost like start the Raptor life at 100 not 500 !

- Seriously remove the sticky T -rex and lower the raptor image he touch ground only when you hit down atm

- Atm if the Sticky T -rex hit the rock with his tail your raptor got hurts ?!? thats not logical and just remove the sticky T-rex !

if you fix all those thing I will give a good 4.5/5 mainly you lost 1.5 stars for the Sticky T-rex and 0.5 for the cost of the items vs money outcome.

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Verdict - Mercurial (Original Mix) Verdict - Mercurial (Original Mix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Honestly it's not really my cup of tea, I found that pretty hard to produce and compose so grats.

For sure, you master pretty well the bass sounds also I love the concept to put dubstep element on a house genre track. this pretty original!

Pretty nice track for a party.

you may know im a bit exhausted about writing on a keyboard so sorry if I do a less constructive feedback about your work :(


CaritasGaming responds:

Thanks for responding, even though you said you're tired! I really appreciate it!

Fairview Fairview

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Im happy to discover you dear Sharkpotato.

First of all Im not a fan of slices voice in fact I found those pretty random and annoying.

But there still have positive things like the part at 1:24 to 2:17 min is my favorite part. the piano sounds neat the soft clap and beat fit well and give a good quality for that part.

Also your bass and pad in all your work is neat

so for better note just remove or replace for better voice.

I wish you the best success and remember that :

The most important thing is to having fun by making composing, or mastering your music.

And to finish this review I maybe will write you a pm with a huge list of trick to make you better than you are at this moment. Like you in 2013 I was pretty new into music production and look at what i can do now :

so if you think this is my first track your wrong! I even did like 50 experiments (not uploaded due its too ugly) before reaching that kind of quality. so Keep it up

I have one question for you: what are you using to making your musics ?

sharkpotato responds:

Thanks for all of the advice.

I work with Fl Studio. The VSTs I used were primarily Massive and I also used Nexus and Sylenth. I used a good amount of Vengeance samples from a variety of their different sample packs. And the main effects I used were Fl Studio's stock effects except for Isotope and Sausage Fattener.

Epic Battle Epic Battle

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Im agree with eeveesprit but I still somewhat like it there are good strings and the piano is awesome.

For one of your first track I think you are better than i was on my first track so grats !

you still need to learn some trick to make it less repetitive. here just for you few

- having a longer Main melody : a 3 seconds melody is too short if you do a 20 sec or more main melody may help to make it less repetitive.

- Adding more instruments nor Melody for you outro may also help. how about adding choirs !

- Adding a syncopation like you did at 1:02 min. ( useless trick since you used it).

- Having multiple Melodie variation pattern for your main instruments who you can alternate will make it less repetitive.

hope that helped you at least a bit :P.

Since your concept is good , I could collab with you to upgrade this potential track.

if you are agree about the collab just contact me by using the pm system on that website.

Here is an example of my works

GothicTenchi responds:

Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely use those next time.